Family Decorates Home for Soldier Support

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"My grandson is on his second tour of duty in Iraq. So my daughter just wanted to bring awareness so people will support them,” Julia Starks says.

Nannette King is taking a unique approach to show support for her son Jeremy Posey.

"I wanted people to be able to put a face to the name for me as well as everyone else. Just to be able to know who our troops are,” says King.

So King and her mother put up this banner. It is surrounded by yellow ribbons and American flags. She's also made provisions for when it gets dark outside.

"She has it lit up with flood lights at night and it's very pretty then too,” says Stark.

King paid a florist to arrange giant bouquets of red, white, and blue flowers for her front porch, but she says it's worth it.

"Whatever the cost, it wouldn't be too much,” explains King.

And they're not just showing support for their soldier overseas. They are taking picture of other area soldiers. In fact, four pictures were brought by Monday. All on display, for those who drive by to see and remember who is serving our country.

"This is my way of doing something for as many as possible,” says King.

King says cars driving by her house stop and look.

"Which is wonderful. Because then what I've done serves it's purpose. It introduces our soldiers to the general public,” adds King.

And she says people are welcome to park their cars in her driveway to get a better look at the men and women serving the United States from our area.

Nannette King says she will gladly put up photos of any local soldier.

Just bring her the photo and she will scan it into her computer and return it. Her address is:

507 North Main
KY 42202

All she asks is that the soldier's name, rank and branch of service be attached. For more information on how you can show support to U.S. soldiers go to