Global Automotive Conference Is a Good Thing for Bowling Green

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The Global Automotive Conference is an annual event for professional development in the automotive industry for middle and senior management.

Mark Hogan, President of magna International says: "It's very important for Magna and for the industry at large, the manufacturers."

Representatives with automotive companies from around the world are in Bowling Green for the event.

Hogan says: "Bowling Green has essentially gone global with everybody else in the industry."

Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon: "We have some of the "big hitters" of the automotive industry here in town who are communicating with us and also with each other talking about opportunities and challenges for the automotive industry."

The event is organized by the Gordon Ford College of Business and Western Kentucky University.

Buchanon says: "Western Kentucky University has played an important part in the Global Automotive Conference for us. They have really brought a great many talented people together to network and communicate about the global business of the automotive industry."

Judge Buchanon says this is an opportunity for people from all over the world to see what our community is capable of accomplishing.

Buchanon says: "This is exciting, for me, to be able to meet some of the people who are here. And have an opportunity to sell Bowling Green, Warren County, and South Central Kentucky."