FBI Affidavit: Where Davis Cooper Says the Money Went

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Bowling Green's Chief Financial Officer, Davis Cooper, is charged with embezzling millions of dollars of city funds. The FBI says he's confessed to the crime, and is cooperating with their investigation.

These are some of the numbers the FBI used in their affidavit leading to Cooper's arrest. Their investigation shows from 2004 to early 2005, Cooper paid various creditor with checks he wrote from two phony bank accounts.

Cooper's Credit Payments

BB&T ………… $70,917
MBNA …………. 53,282
Capitol One …….. 22,983
Citibank ………... 19,877
Target ………….. 19,097
GE Card ………... 18,478
Discover Card ….. 15,417

Among Cooper's other expenses in the affidavit is his divorce settlement, which shows a $50,000-a-year payment to his ex-wife from 2002 through 2006, and $42,000-a-year for maintenance. So from 2002 to 2006, Cooper was to pay his ex-wife $92,000-a-year. But FBI records show he only made between $64,000 and $82,470 annually those years. So where did that extra money for the divorce settlement come from?

The affidavit also mentions the misappropriated checks were entered into the city's computer system, but were never shown as being collected. So why did this not set off any red flags? And why was it not discovered in any audits? These are still some of the questions yet to be answered in this investigation.

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