Cave City Waitress Pushes for Smoking Ban

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Sometimes it only takes one citizen to start the process of changing a law, and that's exactly what one Cave City waitress has in mind.

Dana Marr has been serving in Cave City restaurants for six years, but just recently learned that servers have a 50 percent greater risk of lung cancer and heart disease from second-hand smoke as compared to the average worker.

Armed with that information, Marr is pushing the Cave City City Council to pass a ban on smoking in public places, and she says they're beginning to listen.

"They respect the fact that I'm wanting to get this information out into the community and that I'm trying to look out for the well being of other people in the community. I think basically they're waiting to see how people feel about it," Marr said.

The Cave City City Council listened to more information about the proposal Monday night but didn't take any action. Marr says she expects it will take some time to convince the council.