Should Warren County Have Leash Laws?

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With Warren County continuing to grow at record rates, an exploding pet population isn't far behind.

But the county doesn't currently have any animal control ordinances to control that growth.

"Wome of the magistrates have discussed the possible need for enacting some sort of ordinance for subdivisions located within the county, but at this point no action has been taken," said County Attorney Amy Milliken.

Milliken says some magistrates are concerned about limiting animals in rural areas, but that could be avoided by putting more strict rules on subdivisions.

She began researching the issue a year ago, but the Fiscal Court has tabled the issue.

Magistrate Cedric Burnam says he believes leash laws and animal control are important issues to local citizens.

"We do have a lot of those issues, and I've been a strong advocate of animal control. Not only from the standpoint of where you have animals that are just running unlicensed, and dogs and cats. I get a lot of constituent concern about those particular things," Burnam said.

If you would like to voice your opinion on animal control, the next Fiscal Court meeting will come up this Friday morning at 10am in the Warren County courthouse.

To contact the Warren County Judge-Executive's office, call 843-4146.