Family Mourns Death of Russellville Soldier

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A Russellville family is grieving the loss of a soldier who always wanted to serve his country.

24-year old U.S. Army Sergeant Jatarius Osborne was laid to rest Wednesday afternoon. The Russellville native died after collapsing last week at a military recruiting school in Fort Gordon, Georgia. Friends say Osborne was in good physical condition and they can't understand how this tragedy happened.

"He was on all the unit football teams, he was healthy and in shape. He was real tough and he showed it."

While a heart attack is believed to have caused Osborne's death, autopsy results are still pending.

Family members say Osborne was a go-getter, a bright young man with a big heart. A man who didn't hesitate to answer the call to serve his country.

"He always wanted to help people. He thought by joining the Army he could do that."

Osborne had served in the U.S. Army for four years, most recently in Germany, before coming back to Georgia to become a recruiter.

Family members say he wanted to eventually move to Fort Campbell, so he could be closer to home.

Osborne would have graduated from the academy this Friday.