Four-Year-Old Austin Pellet: Holding Out for Hope

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Austin Pellett has Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disease that can lead to liver failure at any time. When Austin was two months old his parents first learned he had the hereditary disease.

Brandie Pellett, is Austin's mom. She says: "They did testing. Found out what the problem was and put him on medications and we were expecting the transplant by the age of 2. By 2, he was doing great. Everybody was praying. Everything was going good."
Now at four and a half years old, he's taken a turn for the worse and will need a liver transplant to survive.

"There is no cure as far as blood transfusions. It has to be a liver transplant. That's why organ donation is so important. Because without it, kids like him are going to die."

Austin has grown accustomed to weekly trips to Vanderbilt hospital.

Brandie Pellett has three other sons and says they know when they are playing they have to be careful.

"They all know Austin is sick. They know Austin could die."

Brandie says they have to be especially cautious of Austin's stomach because his spleen could rupture. Now as they prepare to have their name added to the liver transplant list Brandie is trying to plan ahead.

"I feel like I have to do everything three steps ahead. So that if the time comes and we're not prepared, I don't want to be unprepared. I want to put all my time and focus and energy into him and getting him well."

Brandie Pellett says that living donations can be done for liver transplants so they are much riskier. Her husband is a match for Austin's blood type, however doctors would prefer to make sure that Austin gets a liver that does not carry the gene for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

The Pellett family is going to Nashville on Monday to have Austin's name added to the liver transplant list.

There are some fundraisers being held for Austin Pellett, if you would like to contribute:

May 7 at Crescent Bowl is "Bowl For Austin Day." The cost is two dollars per game, with a dollar of that going toward helping Austin.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Pellett family with the cost of Austin's medical bills, you can go to any BB&T bank to make a donation to Austin Pellett's Liver Transplant Fund.

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