City Boosts Park Security

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Residents who live near Lampkin Park say booze and late night parties have always been a problem, and they're glad the city's finally stepping in to do something about it.

"Many of us won't even come through here after dark. It's scary, and not safe."

James Davis has lived behind Lampkin Park for more than a year now, and in the short time he's been there, like most his neighbors, he's seen a lot.

"Late at night a lot of partying is going on, lots of beer cans and trash everywhere."

Following the October 2004 shooting that killed one man and injured three others outside the Jaycees Pavilion, police and park officials saw an even greater need for new safety measures.

City officials have not installed gates at the entrance that will close at 11:00 each night, to stop the steady stream of traffic coming through the park. The gates won't reopen until 7:00 am.

Park officials say it's only a start to a series of other improvements, such as new bathrooms and other road changes to stop thru traffic and speeding.

"Us as Americans, we need to appreciate our country and our parks. Bowling Green has some of the nicest parks in the nation."

Anyone caught in the park after hours will be subject to heavy fines.