Fighting Child Abuse

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"Multidisciplinary Teams are a great option here in Kentucky."

When a child cries out, a group of detectives, advocates, police, attorneys and physicians move into action to help build a case.
Detective John W. Clark with Kentucky State Police is one of them.

"It's an opportunity for us to lay our case out there and get guidance from prosecutors on what they need to prosecute offenders. It also gives us a chance to serve victims better."

While it takes several professionals to help abused children, victims are taken to one central location for treatment.

The Barren RIver Area Child Advocacy Center is a safe and friendly environment where members of the Multidisciplinary Team can work together to advocate the rights of a child.

"The child feels more open and feels like they can talk about their incident more openly there than they could at the home where the incident might have happened."

Each individual also works to serve a different need for the victim.
"The child advocate can see what needs to happen with that victim as far as getting counseling or anything like that. It's really a wonderful approach."

For a complete list of the core agencies that make up the Multidisciplinary Team in your community, or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, log onto