Update On Dump at Fred Madison Road

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Tonia Hudson has lived near this dump on Fred Madison Road for three years. "They've been working on it on and off, but I haven't noticed it got any smaller."

The dump, managed by Contractors Waste Services, houses debris from construction sites. The height peaked at 80 feet high due to the boom in construction around Warren County.

Lawrence White is with Contractors Waste Services. He says: "We've reduced the height of it about 13 feet right now."

WBKO first reported on the height of the dump two weeks ago.

Now the mound isn't as tall as it was. And White says it will be covered with dirt and grass and shouldn't be a concern for neighbors in the future.

Hudson says: "For people who never knew it was there, it will help them. But for those of us who know it's there, it's not going to help anything."

White says they hope to have the site closed by the end of May and they have already ceased new debris from coming in. The plan is to scale down the top of the mound and eventually create a pyramid shape with a four-to-one ratio. He hopes closing the dump answers some of the neighbors concerns.

White says: "We'll all be glad to make sure that we satisfy everybody that's concerned about what's going on with the construction waste.

White says Contractors Waste Services is looking into new sites for another construction debris dump. WBKO will bring you more updates on the dump site at Fred Madison Road as the closing down process continues.

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