BG City Commission Considers Tax Cut

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If you're a Bowling Green taxpayer, you could end up keeping more of your money next year under a new proposal by City Commissioner Brian Strow.

The City Commission will vote tomorrow night on Dr. Strow's proposal to reduce the city's occupational tax from 2% to 1.9% starting July 1.

Dr. Strow says the city will have almost $5 million in surplus funds, and his tax cut would only lower that figure by $1.5 million, leaving more than $3 million extra to spend on improving city services.

"So if all these things they can still spend all this money on, my question is going to be if we've got the money sitting around and we hadn't planned on spending it, why can't we give it back to the people who paid the taxes to start with?" Strow asked.

Sources tell WBKO the proposal is unlikely to pass, because some city commissioners believe the tax cut would take away funding for expanding the city's services to meet the needs of a growing population.

Dr. Strow says he will be back next fiscal year with another tax cut proposal, whether this one passes or not.