Dumpster Dive

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Tom Heil is working with students at Bowling Green High School. Heil says: "We're doing what's affectionately known as a dumpster dive."

Page Minton is a student at Bowling Green High School. Minton says: "We're separating trash to find out how much we recycle each day at school."

Bowling Green High School students in Tyvek plastic suits and protective gloves are sorting through a day's worth of garbage in order to see what could be recycled.

Minton says: "We're separating paper, and basically anything that's recyclable and separating it into each thing. Then taking the trash and throwing it away."

Adam Burden is a student at BGHS. Burden says: "I am in charge of the plastic department, so I have a garbage bag and I collect plastic bottles when they separate them."

The students are part of a club that does recycling every Thursday at the school. But this event shows them how much more could be recycled on a daily basis.

Heil says: "We collected the data. Sent it to Frankfort and we'll send it back to the school so that number one determine how successful they are at recycling. But also use it as a teaching skill to teach environmental issues maybe math and social studies too."

The lesson really hits home for Adam Burden. He says he is in charge of recycling at his house.

Burden says: "It's not that hard or anything. It takes about 10 minutes to go around the house and get it, take it out to the street. It's not that much time out of the day and it helps the community so it's worth it."