Bg City Commission Votes Down Tax Cut

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The Bowling Green City Commission tonight, by a 4-1 count, voted down a proposal to lower the occupational tax by .1% to 1.9%.

Commissioner Brian Strow made the proposal because he says the city will have more than $3 million in surplus that it doesn't need.

"The government could still increase government spending by a couple million dollars and give this tax cut, so i figured this tax cut was a no-brainer because the government just doesn't need to stockpile money," Strow said.

But other city commissioners say the surplus should be used to hire more police and firefighters and increase city services.

Mayor Elaine Walker voted against the tax cut.

"I think that what we need to do as a city commission is get a budget under our belts to get an understanding of revenues coming in, before we make a decision to cut taxes at this time," Walker said.

Commissioner Simpson agreed. "I do not like taxes of any kind. But I realize in order to have services, I have to pay for them," Simpson said.

"I don't like taxes, but I like what they do for us. I don't wanna do anything that's not gonna compensate our city employees for doing the job that they do. I don't wanna cut into our police and fire protection," Commissioner Nash said.

Commissioner Mark Alcott asked to table the motion, saying "I don't like taxes, but I do like driving down a city street without potholes."

Mayor Walker and Dr. Strow will join us tomorrow live during WBKO @ 5 to discuss the pros and cons of this tax cut proposal.