Update on Janet Quijano

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Deputy Lucas Geralds with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department says: "Right now we're just waiting for the parents to go up there and pick her up."

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies are waiting for Janet Quijano to return so they can ask her exactly what happened on Wednesday morning outside her house on Center Point Road. Because now it seems the girl was not abducted at all.

"That's what we're understanding. that she went willingly. We're not certain, but we're pretty sure that she did go willingly with him right now."

The man Deputy Geralds is referring to is Salvador Perez Morales. He is now in custody of the Vernon Police Department.

"There's two deputies from this department leaving tomorrow to go pick him up and return him to jail in Monroe County."

Deputy Geralds says there is speculation the two may have been romantically involved.

"We'll know more when she gets back here and we have a debriefing with her ourselves."

Whatever the circumstances behind Janet Quijano's disappearance, Deputy Geralds believes the Amber Alert was the right choice to find her.

"Yes I do. Because she is a 16-year-old. And she was picked up by what is believed to be several male Hispanics. It could have been a very bad situation. Luckily it turned out good and she's safe now. But it could have just as easily went the other way."