Fraternity House Fire Follow

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It’s been more than two weeks since a fire ripped through Western’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House and now fire investigators say that fire was intentionally set.

Western’s SAE President, Jeff Tinius says members are rattled after learning the news.

“Now that the news has come out it will bring a whole new set of emotions to you, it will shake you!”

The Bowling Green Fire Department is investigating and continues to link different pieces of the puzzle together.

Bowling Green Fire officials say they do know where the fire started but are not releasing that information due to the on-going investigation, but do say there are no suspects in the case.

In the meantime, fraternity members continue to come back to their home and reflect on the good times they once shared.

All four-fraternity members home at the time of the fire did escape and were not hurt in the blaze. Bowling Green Fire Department officials say anyone with information about this fire is urged to call them at (270) 393-3702.