Effects of Meth

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Every drug takes a toll on a person’s body in a variety of ways, but officials say meth is one of the most destructive to the body.

“Once it’s got a grip on them, it won’t let go.”

An Undercover Detective with the Warren County Drug Task Force says meth users are so involved in chasing the drug they usually don’t stop to think of the drugs effects.

The detective says meth users usually experience excessive weight loss, hair loss, and loss of teeth.

Not only do users suffer physically, the drug also plays havoc on their internal organs.

While some drug users are never able to kick the habit, law enforcement officials say its best to never start.

Lieutenant Governor, Steve Pence will be in our area Wednesday to talk about Kentucky’s new law to combat the meth use in our area.

The law, which becomes effective June 20, will change the way many of you obtain common cold and allergy medicines.

Pence will be at Nation’s Medicines on Fairview Avenue in Bowling Green at 1:30 p.m.