Silver Ribbon Campaign

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It's a problem that some statistics show is only getting worse as our population gets older. Elder abuse harms far more senior citizens than we'll ever realize.

In Kentucky, there are approximately 6,000 reported cases each year. 84% of the time, the perpetrator is a family member or a caretaker.
The main reason why experts say so many cases continue to go unreported.

Warren Countians are hoping to help change all that through the Silver Ribbon Campaign. It runs throughout the month of May, which is elder abuse awareness month.

It's important to know that elder abuse doesn't target race, sex, social or financial status. It can take on several forms including financial exploitation, physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect.

If you suspect someone you know is a victim of elder abuse, report it by calling 1-800-752-6200 or contact your local law enforcement.

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