Scammers Using Glasgow Fire Dept. to Defraud Citizens

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If you've gotten a call asking you to donate money to the Glasgow Fire Department, you're probably being scammed.

Glasgow police say someone using a Northern Kentucky area code has been calling Glasgow residents asking them to use their credit cards or money orders to donate money to a firefighter's fund for the Glasgow Fire Department.

But the Fire Department doesn't have any such fund, and the assistant chief says they never solicit donations.

"It is kinda aggravating that people would wanna use our name and some of the people that has called that we've talked to that has called has been kinda hateful to 'em, and we don't wanna project that image of the fire department or any fire personnel," said Assistant Chief John Eudy.

"We just wanna ensure that they're careful about giving their credit card numbers out, or sending any money orders or cash orders to certain requested addresses till we can determine something," said Detective Hugh England of the Glasgow Police Department.

If you are contacted and asked to donate to any of the following funds or are asked to give out your credit card number over the phone, Glasgow police are warning you to be careful.

"Glasgow Fire Department Fund"
"Heart and Lung Firefighter's Fund"
"American Firehouse Fund"

Call Glasgow Police: (270)651-5151