New Law Seeks Compromise on Dogs in Cemeteries

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Dog-walkers in Bowling Green's city-owned cemeteries will soon face new restrictions under a law the city commission will consider tomorrow night.

Commissioner Slim Nash wrote the new ordinance after relatives complained they were finding dog mess on their loved ones gravesites.

Neva Gielow visits her husband's grave regularly and says she hasn't had many problems, but wouldn't want to find an unwelcome mess.

"It is important. I don't object to dogs being walked out here in the cemetery. but I certainly would want them to be on a leash or something," Gielow said.

"I think that this legislation comes up with a compromise that both sides can live with," Commissioner Slim Nash, who wrote the ordinance, said.

The new law would require dog owners to have their animals on a leash at all times, keep their pets on paved roads, and pick up after their dogs, or face an instant fine from cemetery workers on site.

Commissioner Nash says he will give pet owners every chance to walk within the new rules, but he'll be the first to suggest banning them if they don't.