BG City Commission Accepts Pets in Cemeteries Compromise

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It may seem like a minor issue, but city commissioners say the question of whether dogs should be allowed to walk in cemeteries has stirred emotions on both sides of the debate.

Tonight the commission voted to accept a compromise drafted by Commissioner Slim Nash that will allow dogs to walk in cemeteries, as long as they're kept on leashes on paved paths, and their owners clean up after them.

"I think this protects the people whose loved ones are buried in the cemetery. It also accomodates the wishes of the people who would like to be able to exercise their pets in our cemeteries," Mayor Elaine Walker said.

This new compromise replaces an earlier ordinance that would have banned pets from city-owned cemeteries; Commissioner Nash says that is a last resort but still possible if this new law doesn't work.

Here is a list of city-owned cemeteries where the new law will apply:
Fairview Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery
Davis-Hoffman Cemetery
Mt. Moriah Cemetery