Beech Bend Road Trial Postponed

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The legal battle over Beech Bend Road is going on a little longer. The jury trial to settle the road dispute was to start Monday, May 9. But Beech Bend Raceway owner, Dallas Jones, says it's been pushed back to August.

Jones and landowner Matt Baker are fighting over a-tenth-of-a-mile of roadway cutting through Baker's property to Jones' race track. Jones claims that segment of road is public, but Baker says that portion of Beech Bend Road ceased to be a county public road by virtue of a Warren County ordinance passed in 1993.

Both sides have made motions for a summary judgment by Special Judge Tyler Gill. That means they want him to decide the case instead of a jury. Judge Gill will hear their arguments for summary judgment in Logan Circuit Court Tuesday, May tenth, at which time he will rule on their motions and either grant a summary judgment, or set a trial date in August.