Results of Health Department Survey Show Seatbelt Use Could Improve

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The leading cause of injury reported by the Barren River District Health Department was no surprise. According to the findings, motor vehicle accidents account for 35 percent of fatalities.

"It really stressed in facts and data that we do have issues with injuries in crash. And it does cost money. And therefore we need to look at our highways."

The study shows that 351 persons needed treatment costing more than $10,000. For 133 of those, the treatment was over $20,000.

The group that raised the most concern among health department officials was teenagers between 16 to 19 years old.

"Those young people in vehicles particularly 16 to 17 to 18 are the ones receiving the most injuries."

"There's an opportunity for us to intervene particularly as it relates to males or all teenagers. Particularly in high schools."

Results of the study show seatbelt usage could have prevented many fatalities and incapacitating injury accidents. That's another area they are trying to reach out to.

"Specifically for the target groups where the data shows those individuals experienced the greatest injuries and more fatalities."

Senator Guthrie says they are working on legislation to make seatbelt usage more enforced and therefore reduce the number of injury related motor vehicle crashes.

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