Broadband Making a Difference

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The Internet has progressed over the years and recently with the introduction of broadband, it’s made everything move a little faster.

“Twenty years ago, most people didn’t know how to operate a computer, it was a typewriter.”

Insight High Speed Internet Manger, Jay Smith says now with broadband Internet access people are able to do things they couldn’t do before.

Smith says, many people have received a college degree without every stepping foot on a college campus, paid their bills without leaving their house, and watched the news without ever turning on a television.

However, not everyone has access to broadband, rural communities are still without and that’s why Governor Ernie Fletcher is pushing to have to broadband available to every home by November 2007.

“Once you get used to it and get used to the speeds and get used to the broadband connection, if you have to go back to dial-up it’s like getting out of a Ferrari and into a Volkswagen,” Smith said.