Oil Discovery in Metcalfe County

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"I had a deep feeling there was oil here."

Annie Edwards owns property in Metcalfe County where oil was recently found. She used to tell her children about it. Edwards says: "I used to tell them, I'd come down right where that oil well is."

Now different oil companies are leasing land from her and drilling away.

Joe McDonald works for North American Resource Group. He says: "This well right here is permitted to 600 feet more or less. Right now it's about 550 feet."

They then install pipe into ground and surround it with cement to protect the groundwater supply. Although it sounds shallow, they can't go any further than 600 feet because of the risks.

McDonald says: "They are on top of a gas storage field and there's an impermeable shale wreath at about 635 feet, beneath that is lots of natural gas and we're not drilling through that."

The drill cuts through layers underneath the ground and uses a pressurized tool to blow out the cuttings and dust.

McDonald says: "Basically what we're drilling through is limestone. This is a karst and limestone area and we're just cutting through limestone."

The oil that's found goes from the pump straight into the tanks through this flowline and is sold all over the country, proving that Annie Edwards was right all along about hitting bubblin' crude!

Edwards says: "And I said oh yeah I had that feeling that there was oil here. And they did strike oil!"

The discovery of oil in Metcalfe County will have a great economic impact on the area. Workers at the site will contribute to local restaurants and businesses as long as they are drilling on the land. It can sometimes take years before a pool of oil is completely tapped out.
So they may be in Metcalfe County for a while, and their business is very lucrative.

President of North American Resource Group, Alan Murrell, says: "These tanks behind me are 210 barrel storage tanks. So each one of these at $50 a barrel would be $11,000 worth of oil."

Murrell says South Central Kentucky has a long history of oil production and he thinks that is why his company has already found oil in the county.