BG Deputy Fire Chief Suspended

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the man who's second-in-command at the bowling green fire department will keep his job.....but faces a 2-week suspension.
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Deputy Fire Chief Oscar Cherry admits he misused a city credit card to buy alcohol, gas, groceries, and bee-keeping equipment, but he says it was an accident.

Cherry says he accidentally used the city card when he meant to use his own personal card.

Fire Chief Gerry Brown also charged Cherry with insubordination because he says Cherry discussed the credit card investigation with other firefighters, despite being told not to.

Cherry says he was never told to keep quiet, and maintains he is being singled out.

"What I suggest is that we have a process or a system. We should address any problems with that system and not simply ignore the system and come down to put the hammer on the individual employees," Cherry said at his disciplinary hearing today.

City Commissioners found Cherry guilty of negligence and unauthorized personal use of a city card, but not guilty of insubordination.

Cherry will be suspended for 2 weeks without pay, he must reimburse the city for the money spent, and will no longer be allowed to use a city credit card.