Davis Cooper Pleads Not Guilty

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Solemn-faced and silent, Bowling Green's former Chief Financial Officer Davis Cooper walked into the Federal courthouse this morning for his first court appearance since being released on bond last month.

Cooper has confessed to stealing at least $3.8 million in city tax revenues by walking into the city's vault after hours and taking unopened checks, then depositing them into a personal account.

The FBI arrested Cooper in March after the city's treasurer discovered the scheme while Cooper was on vacation.

Police believe the embezzling began in the early 1980's shortly after Cooper was hired as city treasurer and continued through March of this year.

Cooper averaged around $400,000 in illegal income each year dating back to 1997 the last available bank records.

Cooper's attorney Alan Simpson entered a not guilty plea today but says that may change.

"We've entered a not guilty plea, and we've entered into plea negotiations. and I would anticipate us changing our plea to guilty to a negotiated offense, and that'll be part of that, I'm sure," Simpson said last month.

Cooper's next court date will happen by phone on May 27th.