Get Moving Allen County

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"Something about obesity in Kentucky, it's too high."

Dana O'Meallie is a registered dietician in Allen County. She works with clients on improving their diets and encourages them to be more physically fit. "With the get moving Allen County campaign I'm able to use something local."

Get Moving Allen County started on April 23. It's a six-week campaign to increase physical activity in adults. According to the Kentucky Department of Health's 2004 Obesity Report 24 percent of adults are obese, versus 22 percent nationwide.

"We are concerned about healthy living and healthy lifestyles through the extension service."

Janet Johnson is the county extension agent for Allen County. As part of Get Moving Allen County she worked on getting trails installed. "Once of the things that Allen County did not offer was a lot of infrastructure trails to promote walking or running etc."

There are three trails set up: the Storybook trail, the Patriot trail, and the Nature trail. Many counties in the state could benefit from having trails.

"I think you first need to be motivated then build a habit into working out."

Rita Stovall works at the Scottsville YMCA. They are helping the Get moving Allen County campaign by posting success sheets. According to the Health Department kids in Kentucky are at a greater risk of being or becoming obese. The YMCA is also hoping to get kids in the community to get fit. "We're encouraging children here at the Y as young as eight years old to get involved with a program some kind of group setting where they can be active."

Allen County hopes this campaign can "move" them past obesity.

The Get Moving Allen County campaign offers incentives for the members to lose weight and every two weeks they are eligible for prizes.