Western Construction

While it may seem like summer is a time for Western's Campus to be a little quiet, there's plenty of hustle and bustle on the construction front.

John Osbourne, the Vice President of Campus Services and Facilities says: "We try to get as much done during the summer months because of the opportunity we have then that we don't have during the academic year."

Construction employees are working to make parking a little easier on campus. They're working on a new parking structure that has 824 spaces, a plaza for parking around the front, and additional spaces on the side of the structure.

The final piece of the precast material for the structure is in place and Danny Simpson, the Construction Project Manager, says: "It feels good, especially because it's coming in on schedule and on budget."

In addition work is being done to improve several of the restaurants on campus. Osbourne says: "We're looking at improving and expanding the capabilities of the Subway restaurant in the Downing Center. In addition, we're going to relocate and expand the size of Subway in Garrett Conference Center.

Osbourne says all of these projects are in the works in hopes of improving student life.