Moms Club Starts in Bowling Green

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Whoever said being a stay-at-home mom was the easiest job in the world probably never had children. The constant demands of parenting along with the isolation from other adults can make it tough. But a new support group is forming to help ease the stress and give moms sympathetic shoulders to lean on.

Lisa carter is a stay-at- home mom looking for support. She recently moved to Bowling Green from Pennsylvania where she was involved in a "moms club." There she was able to network with other moms dealing with the same issues she does.

"Not everyone knows what stay at home moms go through; even my sister and family say, you don't do anything; you can do this and you can do that; you have no stress.”

So Lisa, who has three sons, ages two to 14, decided to start a chapter in Bowling Green. One of the first goals of the group is to organize a babysitting co-op.

"I would take turns watching a child; if mom wanted to go to a movie, the grocery store, or read a book.

Seventeen-month-old Jake is among the many children welcome at the meetings. Jake’s mom Kara grew up in Bowling Green but has realized how different it is to move back as a parent.

"I wanted to find him some playmates; the co-op sounded interesting, socializing for him and for me.

Even though the group is just getting off the ground, these moms are hoping the networking and support will be a plus for them and their children.

The moms club of Bowling Green meets the second Monday of each month at 10 a.m. at Saint James United Methodist Church in Bowling Green. For more information, log onto or call 842-7895.