Deputy Fire Chief Suspended, Now What?

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Bowling Green's Deputy Fire Chief began serving his 2-week suspension today after the city commission found him guilty of accidentally misusing city credit cards.

Deputy Chief Oscar Cherry admits he used city credit cards to buy alcohol, gas, groceries, and bee-keeping equipment, but says he was being singled out for punishment by Chief Gerry Brown.

Chief Brown said today he would respect the decision of the City Commission, and had no further comment.

City Commissioner Mark Alcott says Cherry shouldn't have been fired, but there are some concerns.

"Well definetly gives me concern. I don't believe this one event is what spurred my concern. My concern is basically we have 2 of the top officials of our fire department that aren't getting along. I don't believe that will hinder performance because they aren't the ones on the front line and they aren't the ones responding," City Commissioner Mark Alcott said.

Chief Cherry told WBKO that he won't comment on the case any more until he returns from suspension in 2 weeks.