Todd County Storm: The Day After

Linda Hurt has worked for Big D's Auto Sales for 15 years, and couldn't believe the damage caused by the storm on May 19.

Hurt says "It was a disaster; there was water everywhere, the ceiling's about to go in, I don't know, it's a mess."

As employees arrived at work to assess the damage, they saw there's a new addition to the family, a lost puppy.

Hurt says: "We've got a cute little dog, I don't know where he's from, but he must have come in with the storm because he's with us."

While employees were taking the damage in; there was help from the National Weather Service to figure out exactly what happened.

Kelly Hooper, with the National Weather Service, says: "What we're trying to do is assess the wind speed that it would take to do such a thing. I'm getting over 70 mile per hour winds, it had to be to do this damage."

The damage included damage to two buildings and Hooper says the damage, along with spotter reports, leads him to believe the business was hit by a tornado.

Hooper says: "The debris path is very confined, a lot of times with a downburst or straight line winds, there will be wide-spread damage, you'll find trees down across half the county all going in the same direction or from a center point."

Hooper says in this case the damage path was only 100 yards wide and he believes the winds were over 70 miles an hour.

As for Hurt, she says she's relieved nobody was injured and now all she wants to do is get back to work.

As for the lost puppy, the employees of Big D's say he's going to be a permanent fixture around the business, until his owner is found.