Kentucky's Public Defenders Overworked

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They're the hidden public servants that help move the justice system along but public defenders say they're not getting the financial support from the state they need to do their jobs.

Public defenders, judges, and some state lawmakers gathered in Bowling Green today to discuss the growing problem that has Warren County's public defenders working 1,000 cases-a-year in district court.

These lawyers say their practice is always a matter of priority.

"There's always that possibility that when we're trying to figure out who need our attention the most, people will slip through the cracks," said Renae Tuck, one of Warren County's public defenders.

"You always hear about the prosecutor, you always hear about the judge, what you don't see the countless time and hours that people such as the public defenders do in their work as they're trying to make the process move forward," said Judge Steve Wilson.

The "American Bar Association" has expressed concern about the case load Kentucky's public defenders face. and they say more funding and personnel are needed to fix the looming crisis.