Baker Beats Beech Bend

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At a hearing Tuesday afternoon in Logan Circuit Court, Special Judge Tyler Gill granted Matt Baker's motion for summary judgment, making a disputed section of road leading to Beech Bend Raceway private property.

For almost two years, Beech Bend Raceway owner, Dallas Jones, had fought with Baker over a tenth-of-a-mile of road cutting through Baker's property to Jones' race track. Baker cited a 1993 Warren County ordinance that said the public right-of-way did not include that tenth-of-a-mile and in today's ruling, Judge Gill agreed.

But it was a costly victory for Baker, who may have lost his seat on Kentucky's Court of Appeals in 2003 because of this bitter dispute. "My wife and I are trying to teach three boys to do the right thing," said Baker, "have the courage of their convictions, stand up for yourself. And doing what's right isn't always measured in a public opinion poll."

Tuesday morning the Warren County Fiscal Court voted unanimously to join a Beech Bend motion asking for a temporary injunction allowing Beech Bend to use the road for six major events at the track from May 16 through June 11. But today's ruling makes that argument irrelevant.

Today Baker told us if Dallas Jones comes to him to ask for temporary use of the road, he would listen. WBKO tried to call Jones, but we were unable to reach him.