What Does a Constable Do?

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Grayson County Judge Executive, Gary Logsdon, says: "Constables are a great asset to the community. We have six of them."

Constable is defined by dictionary.com as: "A peace officer with less authority and smaller jurisdiction than a sheriff, empowered to serve writs and warrants and make arrests."

Logsdon: "They have all been active. They're all an asset to the Sheriff's Department. They serve papers. They've been known to write citations and patrol in neighborhoods. They are an asset."

The constables in Kentucky are not paid for what they do.

Logsdon: "I feel like they need to be paid if they are going to be elected officials they need compensation."

Constables in Grayson County must pay for their own vehicles and the cars must be clearly marked. Their vehicles are similar to the cars sheriff's deputies drive. The county pays for the cars insurance and provides them with blue lights.

Logsdon: "They do carry firearms. They wear uniforms. I have to say they really look professional."

Constables must also pay for their handcuffs and firearms. Grayson county constables are sent to the police academy in Eastern Kentucky for forty hours of training, which they pay for themselves.

The laws for constables in Kentucky were established in 1779. Since then there have been no changes. Judge Logsdon thinks there should be some amendments made to provide the constables compensation for all they do for the community.