Seniors Splash Into Good Health

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Gyms may usually be packed with young people trying to stay fit, but health experts say no one outgrows the need to be in shape.

Scottsville's Linda Whitney has been peddling her way to good health since August, and the scales prove it.

"I've lost 140 pounds since last august 23rd and I go to the YMCA everyday, three days a week I come twice a week.
I was wearing a size 5x and last Sunday for mother's day I was wearing a size 16. I really feel good about myself and my children love me even more now since there's so much less of me."

Whitney is one of many success stories at Scottsville's YMCA, where the biggest exercise trend for seniors doesn't involve weights or treadmills. Water aerobics is making a big splash these days.
Instructors say they're designed so just about anyone can benefit from them.

"It's really just a class to keep you flexible and mobile, all the weight is off your joints when exercising."

"It'll make you live longer. I'm 75 and I've been doing this for four years."

While looking and feeling better is the primary focus, swimmers say they always make staying in shape a social affair.

"It's like a home away from home. I feel like everyone accepts me here, even at 325 pounds people would say hello to me and act like they cared."

If you're older and just starting an exercise program, experts say it should be tailored to your particular health, and you should consult your doctor first. It's also a good idea to start out slowly, then gradually build your endurance and intensity.

For more information on water aerobics classes offered at the Scottsville YMCA, call (270) 237-5704.