Soybean Farmers Making Money From Bio-Diesel Fuel

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"The demand for soy diesel this is a relatively new in this area."

Linda and Darrell Dickerson have using soybeans they grow to produce bio-diesel fuel for about two years. The soybeans are sold to producers for the soy-based bio-diesel petroleum company.

"The process for producing the fuel is very simple. The oil is extracted from the soybean. It has a few things added to it, then it's ready to market!"

The oil is extracted per bushel of soybeans. Each bushel yields a gallon of oil. Dickerson says soon it will be hard for farmers to meet the demand.

"The soy bio-diesel is going to be a really good to local producers because it will increase the need. And probably the profit margin for the producers."

Dickerson says soy-based bio-diesel is a win-win situation because farmers can benefit from it and it's also better for the environment.

"The soy-based diesel meets and surpasses all the regulation to meet the clean fuel act."
Another benefit of the soy-based bio-diesel is that it's manufactured in the United States and doesn't have to be imported.