Butler County Sheriff to Run for Judge-Executive

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Butler County Sheriff Kenneth Morris is launching a new campaign to become the county's next judge-executive. The republican says he's been thinking about it for years, and feels now is the best time for change.

"This job has changed in the last 16 years I've served. When I started there wasn't a big meth problem like there is now, no drugs really at all."

Morris is one of three candidates already lined up to run for County Judge-Executive in 2006.

Morris says he will campaign on a platform of improving and increasing law enforcement capabilities in the county.

"My record speaks for itself. I've always been accessible to people, I've worked well with people and put in a lot of long hours."

Morris will face opposition from David Fields, the owner of a local body shop, and incumbent Hugh Evans.

Evans, says bringing new industry to Butler County is his main goal.
The community has been hit hard with job losses during Evan's five years in office, but the judge points out he hasn't raised taxes to make up for it.

While all three candidates have different agendas, they seem to agree on one thing.

"I think Butler County is going to grow. It has grown and i think it's going to continue, but we need to lead it in the right direction."

Morris says he knows of at least three people who plan to run for sheriff, but so far none have filed. The deadline is January 2006.