Deputy Fire Chief Back at Work

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His 2-week suspension is now over and tonight Bowling Green's #2 firefighter is back on the job.

Deputy Chief Oscar Cherry was suspended by the city commission for misusing city credit cards.

Chief Cherry says he is glad to be back at his job of 28 years, but he still has serious questions about how this credit card issue was handled.

Cherry admits that he used a city-issued card to pay for alcohol, gas, and groceries, but says it was an honest mistake because he thought he was swiping his personal card.

Fire Chief Gerry Brown brought disciplinary charges against Cherry for misuse, and insubordination for allegedly disobeying an order not to talk about the investigation.

The city commission decided not to fire Cherry but will not allow him to use a city credit card anymore.

Cherry says he respects their decision, but wanders why the issue ever got that far.

"The one thing about this whole process, I guess that bothers me is over the last 2 years. There's been 6 people who have accidentally used the city credit card. Of those 6, I'm the only one who's been persecuted/prosecuted before the city commission," Cherry says.

Cherry says the department will move forward, and he respects the commission's decision, even if he doesn't completely agree.

Chief Brown has repeatedly said he respects the commission's decision, and won't comment further.