Preparations Underway to Upgrade Voting System

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Warren County is receiving hundreds of thousands of Federal dollars for precinct changes, in order to comply with new regulations.

The "Help America Vote Act" that passed in 2002 mandates all voting equipment must be upgraded by January 2006.
Changes include producing a paper audit trail of all votes cast, improving accessibility for the disabled, facilitating in-house and mail-in absentee voting, and replacing lever voting machines.

"These are new machines, probably no bigger than computers and probably will frighten some people at first, but once get used to them will always want to vote on them."

Warren County Clerk Dot Owens says 20 of Warren County's 60 precincts are being moved to area churches and schools that are handicap accessible. Several others are also being renamed.

Owens says voters will be notified of these changes by mail or telephone.

If you'd like more information, you can call the Voting Department at (270) 843-5306.