Clinton Co. Murder

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“They were always together.”

At the Country Mart in Clinton County people usually talk about the food but today, they’re buzzing about something else.

“I knew at 5:30 this morning,” Country Mart owner Gail Ferguson said.

Just before one Tuesday morning, 30-year-old Kenneth Johnson called 911 to report that his mother, 67-year old Allie Johnson was unresponsive and needed help at her home on Kentucky 350.

“I don’t know if it was premeditated or not but were looking at all the angles.”

Kentucky State police Trooper Dwaine Barnett says they believe Allie’s son, Kenneth used a rifle to shoot her once in the torso.

“After we talked to him for a while, we had enough information to believe that he did commit the crime.”

30-year-old Kenneth D. Johnson was arrested and charged with murder. He is lodged in the Clinton County Jail.

Neighbors of the victims say Allie and her son lived together and you never saw one without the other.

Police don’t have a motive for murder.