Soules Sentenced to Life Without Parole

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One of the men accused in the murder of a WKU student...found out his future.

Stephen Soules admits participating in the rape, murder, and arson of Katie Autry.

Today a judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

It was 2 years ago today that Katie Autry's body was laid to rest, and that same day Stephen Soules confessed to being part of her murder.

Soules has known this day and this punishment was coming ever since he signed a plea agreement. That didn't make it any easier for him, his family, or for Katie's family.

"I'm sorry for what Katie and her family have been through. I know it's very hard. And I know my sorries won't bring her back. But I'd just like her family to know that I'm sorry, and one day they can forgive me for my involvement in the case," Soules said.

"My heart just goes out to the Autry family. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of them," Danny Soules, Stephen's dad, said.

"It's not in our hearts to forgive you for what you have done. we love Katie and we miss her. We won't ever get to share katie's dreams with her nor does Katie get to share important events in our life," said Virigina White, Katie's aunt, who never missed a court proceeding in the 2-year case.

"That's my only dream as a kid, to have my sister there by my side. But because of your cowardice my dreams are shattered. You and your family should be lucky, cause they get to see you in jail or in prison. The only way me and my mother can see Katie is through old pictures and at the cemetery where she is laying 6 feet under because of you and your friend's mistake, not hers. Finally I can get some closure from my sister's death. But until then, I hope you rot in prison," said Lisa Autry, Katie's sister.

Soules' family repeatedly said they believe the true killer is Lucas Goodrum, who Soules says forced him to participate in the murder.

But Goodrum was acquitted of all charges in March, and remains home in Texas.