Adairville Celebrates "All American Homecoming"

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Adairville's Jim Trimble has been showing off his antique wheels for quite sometime now.

"I've been showing cars for several years. I really enjoy it, and you meet a lot of people."

And he's ready to meet hundreds more who share the same love for his favorite hobby. "This is a 51 Ford pickup that I've had for 15 years. I've completely redone it, took 16 years to do it. This white Monte Carlo here, this is the first show it's been in. It belongs to my son. He wanted to put it in just to see how it would do."

Trimble's son and other proud owners will find out how their cars stack up at the first ever "Classic Car and Tractor Show" Saturday.

"We've been working on it for 5-6 weeks in all. Three of us have put planning into it." Trimble and other organizers are optimistic that hard work will help make the show a success. Whether you walk away with one of the top five prizes or not, they promise you won't leave disappointed. "We're gonna let weather men say 20% sun, not 80% rain, we want everyone to come."

Registration begins at 8:00 Saturday morning at the Adairville square. The car show is from noon until 6:00. All proceeds go toward the restoration of the square.