Tennessee Murder Suspect Caught in Bowling Green Appears in Court

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At a preliminary hearing Thursday morning, KSP Detective Tommy Smith told the court the reason Alfonso Camacho gave for pulling a gun on police.

Last week, 41-year old Camacho allegedly shot two people in Smyrna, Tennessee, headed up I-65 to Bowling Green, and got caught working at a construction site on Scottsville road.

Authorities say when they approached the Tennessee murder suspect, he led them on a foot chase to Exit 22, where he later pulled a pistol on a police officer. But Camacho told detectives during an interview, his intention wasn't to hurt anyone but himself.

"He said he was depressed. His family had all gone back to Mexico and he'd come to the conclusion he wanted to die, He said he realized if he pulled a gun on police, they'd probably turn one on him and return fire."

"He was using that as what he said was a way to commit suicide."

But that plan failed, a week later Camacho is recovering from a gun shot wound to the leg, and he'll remain in jail a while longer.

"A judge did rule probable cause. The next step as far as Kentucky charges are concerned would be for Grand Jury to review them and either indict him or not."

Camacho 's Kentucky charges include fleeing and evading police, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and first degree assault.