Greenwood High Graduates 5 Sets of Twins

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“I don’t know what it’s like not to be a twin.”

Wes and Adam Drummond are just one of 5 sets of twins graduating this year from Greenwood High School in Bowling Green.

“It’s just the same as having a regular brother or sister.”

While some of these kids believe there isn’t a special connection between twins, others see it differently.

“If I get hurt, she feels the same pain, ” Jarrod Speakman said.

Some are identical, others are fraternal but either way all the kids say they share one thing in common and that’s having someone to experience life’s unexpected turns with.

“We’ve grown up together, we go through the same stuff,” Justin McGahan said.

While some will separate after high school, others plan to attend the same school and even plan to live near each other in the future.

Greenwood High School’s graduation is this Saturday, May 21st at 7:00p.m.