Warren Fiscal Court Takes Over Beech Bend Rd.

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Warren County's fiscal court voted today to declare all of disputed Beech Bend Road as a county road just weeks after a judge ruled part of it is private.

The court voted 4-1 to begin negotiating to buy the one-tenth of a mile of pavement that a judge declared is Matt Baker's private drive.

If Baker and the court can't reach a settlement the county will begin a condemnation case to take the road by force.

Baker's attorney argued the court would be violating a judge's ruling if it moved ahead.

"If the rule of law is abandoned, chaos ensues. Whether you like it or not, Judge Gill's opinion in this case is the rule of law, and Warren Fiscal Court is bound by that rule," said Currie Milliken, Baker's attorney.

The decision is a victory for Beech Bend owner Dallas Jones who says several high-profile races might have left his track if the road was kept private.

"I think the elected officials of the county stepped up to the plate and did what the majority of the people of Warren County would like and we're certainly grateful for that," Jones said.

Baker has threatened to sue the county if it interfered no word on when or if he will file that lawsuit.