BG Islamic Center Officially Opens its Doors

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Dr. Nagy Morsi says for the past few years the Muslim population in Bowling Green has increased significantly because of the immigration of the Bosnian population to Bowling Green.

“Very exciting to have first mosque in Bowling Green, it’s a historic moment for this town.”

A prayer house was located on Old Morgantown Road for years, but wasn’t big enough to hold the 2,500 to 3,000 Muslims who worship.

So, the Islamic Center located on Morgantown Road was built.

Dr. Morsi says the main goal for establishing the Islamic Center was to educate and help develop strong relationships with the community.

Saturday afternoon, around 2,000 people gathered outside the Islamic Center to celebrate its official opening.

The Islamic Center opens five times a day and is located at 2140 Morgantown Road in Bowling Green. Muslims are approximately one-fifth of the world’s population.