Targeting Your Hometown: Bonnieville

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This week the dart takes our crews to a community in Hart County where everyone knows you by name and you can still get a haircut for under $3, we're talking about the community of Bonnieville.

Just of Interstate-65 lies the community of Bonnieville, population 300. A highway system that ordnarily spures growth, brought growth to a stretching halt once constructed. A once vibrated town was forced to close many of its motels, restaurants and other establishments, however, one business has withstood the test of time.

76-year-old Ottis Highbaugh's has owned and operated the Bonnieville Barber Shop for the past 54 years. Over the years his shop hasn't changed much, neither have his prices. In I948 a haircut cost 50-cents, years later Highbaugh has raised prices to $3. The Bonnieville Barber Shop services men and women six days a week.

Surrounded by ruminants of a time past, customers still sit in on old-time chair and are trimmed by a straight razor. Each hour, Highbaugh sees a steady stream of customers traveling great distances.

His shop also serves as the social center of Bonnieville. You see, Highbaugh was the town's first mayor and he still has his finger on the pulse of the community. He says if folks visit his shop, they won't see the need to read the local paper. However, if you can't get out or just don't want too, this barber continues to make housecalls. Highbaugh visits nursing homes, jails and homes weekly. In January, Highbaugh will celebrate his 77th birthday and plans to continue cutting as long as his customers continue coming.

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