Powerball Frenzy

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Many south-central Kentuckians were out bright and early Saturday morning, trying their luck.

“Powerball is an extremely popular ticket right now!”

So popular, the Minit Mart on Nashville Road in Bowling Green was hopping.

“A lot of people have bought several $1 tickets!”

Minit Mart Cashier, Danny Osborne, says the powerball is worth over $215 million dollars.

Some ticket buyers we talked to can’t help but wonder what they would do with their winnings.

“Learn to sleep late, get that golf score down, and go shopping,” Franklin native, Brooks Wright said.

“I’d buy a new house, new car, new wife,” Russellville native, Anthony Russ said.

While most admit the chances are slim, it doesn’t stop them from trying.

However, not everyone agrees with the Kentucky Lottery.

“If you don’t play, you don’t win, I don’t play so I don’t worry about winning.”

Russellville native, Wayne Russ says he thinks playing the powerball is gambling and says it’s against his beliefs.

“You could do a lot of good with it or a lot of bad with it.”

Osborne says that doesn’t stop thousands of others from trying.

“Usually when it gets up like this I’ll have at least 1 or 2 sales of a hundred dollars or more from a single person.”

The cash option for the $215 million dollar jackpot is just under $122 million.

Paid out over 30 years, the $215 million jackpot is worth $7 million a year, that’s about $600,000 a month.