Remembering Those Who Died on Kentucky Roadways

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Ricky Scott says: "He's touched my heart a lot. Most fathers try to be someone their kids can look up to, but I'm a father that wound up looking up to his son."

Ricky and Anna Scott were one of three families that came to a memorial service for those who lost their lives on Kentucky's roadways in 2004. Their son Thomas "Mo" Scott was killed in a car accident March 4th of last year.

Anna Scott says: "I told my husband when we got the letter in the mail. He said I guess you want to go and I said yes, I do. I told him a while ago I said most parents go to their children's functions at school, but we have to go to things like these for our son."

At the memorial service a plaque on a stone was revealed. It shows how many lives were lost on Kentucky roads.

Trooper Todd Holder, with Kentucky State Police, says: "The stone as you can see, it started in 1995 with 856 Kentucky deaths. And this year it's 964."

Trooper Holder spoke at the service, offering the families his heartfelt regrets over their loss.

Trooper Holder says: "We were just telling the families that these accidents people have where they lose their life, families members. They are not just numbers to us. That they really mean something."

For families like the Scott's that means a lot. They say if their son was still here, he'd offer this advice.

Anna says: "Live each day to the fullest. That's what he did. Even though his life was cut short he lived each day to the fullest."

In addition to remembering the lives lost, all the speakers at the service reminded everyone about the importance of wearing seatbelts. They also provided an opportunity to focus on the cabinet's mission of providing a safe and reliable transportation system.