Greencastle Dam Concerns

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"The last few years I've watched this dam fall apart."

James Copsy has lived on the Barren River for 22 years.

"It's like being in God's country up here. It's peaceful it's good fishing you see a lot of wildlife."

But what he saw over the weekend made him question whether fishing near the Greencastle Dam, in north Warren County, was safe.

"I come up fishing Sunday and I got to looking at the dam and noticed the big crack and that the wall had settled about a good foot."

The left-hand side of the dam is fine, there's nothing wrong with it. But it's the right-hand side that's causing concern for Copsy. That's where the water is bursting through holes in the dam. He's afraid they will burst and people on the shore fishing will have no where to turn.

"There was about 23 people down there fishing and if this dam was to go out, where would they be?"

The Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the dam. But they say that the dam is in the process of being deauthorized and that the county will be responsible for maintaining the dam.